Conversations with my Dog
Based on the teachings in the book, Going Deeper:
How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense

by Jean-Claude Koven

Zeus mysteriously materialized in my life a few years ago. He's a very complex, wise-cracking, irreverent dog with some serious attitude. However, he is arguably the most highly evolved being I have ever encountered. His great delight is in turning my world (and yours) inside out and upside down, with the soul purpose of revealing forgotten knowledge. For example:

How to Tell if You're Not From Here

Only a few of my closest friends have heard Zeus speak. When he converses it's telepathic, but out of habit my friends sometimes respond aloud, as I used to. He can project his thoughts so perfectly that you'd swear you were listening to a real voice—one with a delightful array of dialects and inflections, plus an encyclopedic knowledge of cosmic and planetary data to share.

When I asked him whether he could project into any mind on the planet, he gave the most curious answer. "No. By prior agreement, I'm restricted to interacting only with Wanderers and the present crop of special children. I try to keep my curious nose out of the rest of the planet's minds."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Partly because they're disorganized, irrational, and petty. Mostly because projecting my thoughts into ordinary human minds would be a serious violation of their Free Will-not that I've seen many of them making use of that gift," Zeus added.

"If you can talk to me, that must mean I'm a Wanderer. And apparently some of my friends are too?"

"Why should that surprise you?" Zeus asked. "There are 70 million Wanderers incarnate on the planet right now. And even though more than 90 percent of them haven't a clue as to who they really are, they still manage to find each other by instinct. Once I fill you in on a few details, you'll be able to spot a fellow Wanderer in a New York minute."

"Start at the beginning. What makes me a Wanderer? And why are we here?"

"Why do simple questions so often require complex answers?—like 'Daddy, where did I come from?' If I take the easy way out, you'll be thanking storks or gynecologists for the rest of your life. Listen up, now, from the broadest possible perspective, or you'll misinterpret what you're about to hear."

"Sounds interesting to me," I said, fully aware that I was about to learn something extraordinary.

Zeus began: "Without getting into the entire process of Creation—which we'll save for another campfire—let me give you a mini-course in the nature of the universe. All you need to know for now is that the One is made of infinite parts."

"That makes no sense," I protested.

"Good," Zeus answered with a twinkle in his voice, "then we're definitely on the right track. Those infinite parts are arranged in seven successive layers of consciousness. The seven colors of the visible spectrum are a useful analogy—the consciousness of a rock is red; that of plants and animals is orange; humans are yellow; pure love, or the Buddha/Christ consciousness, is green; and so on. Blue is wisdom, indigo is unity, and the last is violet."

"What happens after violet?"

"Violet is the gateway density, the last stage of consciousness just before merging back with the Oneness. Then individual awareness ceases. You return to undifferentiated consciousness, just as a water molecule dissociates from the form of the water drop when it falls back into the sea from which it originally came."

"What do you mean by 'density'? And how come humans are only number three out of the seven colors?" I felt like a child asking why the sky is blue.

"A density is simply a band of awareness—akin to the band of frequencies that define a color. The more elevated the level of consciousness, the higher the density. Despite what your egos would like to believe, humans are third-density beings—not even at the halfway point. This planet and all its inhabitants are at the very end of the current cycle, with an opportunity to progress to the next density. But the collective mismanagement of technology—not to mention your failure to grasp the purpose of the game you've been playing—has threatened the survival of your planet. It became obvious to those in the higher densities that the human race is in deep trouble."

"And so the cavalry rode to the rescue!" I interjected.

"Unfortunately, little buddy, it's not that simple. Seventy million evolved beings—primarily sixth density, with a sprinkling of fifth and fourth thrown in-have incarnated on this planet in human form. That means that they, like all other earthlings, passed through the Veil of Forgetting. This energetic filter is powerful enough to strip them of any conscious knowledge of who they really are. As a consequence, over 90 percent of your wandering cohorts have yet to awaken. The cavalry itself needs rescuing before they can assist those they came to serve."

"How can they wake up before it's too late?" I asked.

"By searching. By refusing to compromise or settle for less when they know instinctively there's more. But most of all, by remembering. When people cross your path, assume it's for a purpose. Once you start looking, you'll be surprised by the number of Wanderers you meet every day. How will you know them? Well, for one thing, they're deeply saddened by the way humans treat each other. They often suffer from allergies and physical disorientation. They may find themselves withdrawing from former friends and family and even from their previous belief systems. And they often harbor a gnawing feeling that the Earth is not their real home."

"That describes me to a T," I said. "So how do I reconnect with who I am and why I came here?"

"You've opened the door already, simply by asking that question. Just avoid the well-ingrained habit of slamming it shut every time an answer comes. You can bypass the filters that cloud your vision and keep the Veil in place by holding the question in your mind. Those who aren't ready won't be able to undertake this simple task. The more you can maintain that curiosity, the faster you'll awaken. And then the fun really begins."

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