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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 In the Beginning Was the Ad
CHAPTER 2 9/11-The Day the World Changed Forever
CHAPTER 3 Calling It a Day
CHAPTER 4 The Lessons Begin in Earnest
CHAPTER 5 Parting the Curtains of Reality
CHAPTER 6 The Heavens Respond
CHAPTER 7 The State of Planet Earth
CHAPTER 8 Rocky's Rap
CHAPTER 9 The Dialogue Circle
CHAPTER 10 The Ultimate Proposition
CHAPTER 11 Making the Decision
CHAPTER 12 The Consummating Experience
CHAPTER 13 Cosmic Perspectives
CHAPTER 14 The Other Side of the Veil
CHAPTER 15 The Voice
CHAPTER 16 Wherever You Go, There You Are
CHAPTER 17 The Myth of Creation
CHAPTER 18 Why Nothing Is As It Seems
CHAPTER 19 Lessons in Mastering the Illusion
CHAPTER 20 The Way Out
CHAPTER 21 Back into the Void
CHAPTER 22 The Prime Mandate of Creation
CHAPTER 23 What Happens Next?
CHAPTER 24 Help from Above
CHAPTER 25 You Can't Get There from Here
CHAPTER 26 Redefining Reality
CHAPTER 27 What You See Is What You Get
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"Going Deeper is a brilliant, eclectic read that seeks to awaken the sleeping. This humorous, mystical tale of a student and his implausible teacher takes the reader through a journey that transforms illusion into reality. A must read for those concerned about planetary survival."

Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D.
Author of Buddha in the Waiting Room


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Henry David Thoreau



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