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If you've wandered onto this page, you must truly be one of the curious ones that delights in exploration. If so, feel free to browse and sample some of the little gems acquired along the journey.

I promised myself at a relatively early age not to be so impressed by fact and apparent reality that I would allow them to rule my life completely. I enjoy, too much, worshiping at the altar of the absurd, and being every inch an only child, I have developed a pantheon of entertaining voices to keep me company along my meandering path. If you could fill a cow with a good dose of Kentucky sour mash whiskey and set it staggering through the fields of philosophy, theology, cosmology, science fiction, psychology (and God knows, what else), she would have negotiated a straighter, more purposeful course than mine.

I am simply a leaf carried by the breeze, absolutely enchanted by the ride. The winds take kindly to my adventures and keep me from being bored. Even to this day, I remain very much in a state of perpetual childhood: Peter Pan, without the funny green hat and shoes.

My writings memorialize my strange and wondrous journey into the improbable. If you wish to join me, it's best to travel as lightly as you can, allowing the child within to lead the way.

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"A sequel to the Celestine Prophecy, Going Deeper is brilliant, creative, engaging, and very timely-stimulating at all levels and fun! It cleverly conveys wisdom and deep spiritual and philosophic concepts using an enjoyable, easy-to-understand format. No one will be able to read Going Deeper without experiencing a consciousness shift."

Jeanine Just
Author/lecturer, founder of Visionaries University, creator of Activate Your Destiny


White Buffalo

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