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I am trying to find the perfect relationship. I have visualized it and prayed for it, but nothing seems to happen. - Lucy

When you come to the universe with a predetermined container, you limit the potential of what can be received. The belief that any relationship can be less than perfect (in the larger picture) or that a particular one is required for fulfillment is extremely constricting. It's best to start with the humble realization that you know nothing ... then simply stay there. Now, everything is possible and equally welcome.

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How long does it take to achieve enlightenment? I believe it requires sacrifice and discipline. - Michelle

As to how long is enough for enlightenment? That is like asking how long is a piece of string. The moment it arrives is exactly that - an instantaneous moment. The ramp leading up to that moment is as long as is necessary. The humor from a higher perspective is that we are all enlightened - only we haven't realized it yet. You create your own reality when you hold the belief that any amount of discipline and sacrifice are required. For you, that becomes true. For another, it can be a piece of cake.

Because of the current energy streams Earth is passing through, everything has become magnified and accelerated. Perhaps, this would be a good time to release the restraints and considerations of the past and simple accept the grace available to all.

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I need exact career directions in my life path. Can you help direct me? - Elaine

Your question needs to be directed inwardly. It would be most improper for anyone other than yourself to provide the guidance you seek. However, there are many parts of yourself you can call on for assistance.

Try going to sleep for the next week with the question you ask foremost in your mind. Just before turning off the lights, take a sip of water and repeat the question in your mind. The water is a powerful symbol that let's your higher consciousness know you are serious.

Your dreams should provide interesting insight and open new avenues of exploration.

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Does the doubting lower ego have a function in all this that is of any benefit? - Artio

The doubting lower ego is a vital part of your experience within the illusion. It is made up of a whole host of extraordinary parts (please see several chapters about this in Going Deeper). Each offers a perception of reality as seen from a very particular and fixed point of view. These voices are akin to instruments in an orchestra - each having a deliciously unique timbre. It would be inappropriate to play an entire symphony with only the brass and percussion. But, it would be a very uninspired rendition, if you left them out.

Somewhere along the way you will discover that you exist along an infinite continuum. The lower ego is the part of you stuck near the bottom. The road of discovery will lead you home. Just remember to have fun along the way.

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How does one compartmentalize Infinity and maintain sanity? - Paul

Only with a wondrous and flexible sense of humor.

It can't be otherwise. Each perception pulls, demanding our undivided attention and allegiance. Believe in me. No, believe in ME. NO, BELIEVE in ME! All simultaneous, all insistent. So you, trying to cope as best you can, withdraw.

The consensus enfolds you. It arms you with values with which you can judge others thereby making YOU better. It fills your aching void with fluff. It's best you pretend not to know, OR ELSE. Or else, you might die.

In dying, you release your death grip on conformity allowing you to reemerge into a new perspective. From there, all the old visions of truth dissolve into forgotten memories and you become blinded by the light of new insistent realities demanding your allegiance.

And so it continues until you learn to laugh from the very core of your being, realizing it was always just a game.

Nothing has meaning. It is only that which is less than nothing that entraps you. The paradox of Creation, like gossamer rose petals, caresses, entices, enchants, then fades. And you are the cause, purpose and delight of it all.

It don't get better than that!

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I've done so much work on myself but I can't seem to get past my personal problems? - Sandy

Less processing, more giggling.

In the immortal words popularized by the DUKE (Ellington):

Wat?dat?to, dat dat do, da da do.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing,
It don't mean a thing, all you've got to do is sing,
It makes no difference if it's sweet or hot,
Just keep that rhythm, give it everything you've got!

Each day when you first arise, dedicate yourself to the highest service. Keep this in mind as you go through the day. You achieve this service in the simplest of tasks; making the lady at the supermarket smile; waving at a passing motorist; beaming love to someone else's dog. Every interaction provides the possibility of three outcomes:

1. You lower the energy of the other person.
2. You leave the energies as you found them.
3. You empower the other person.

Only option 3 is in keeping with your desire to grow. Nothing serves self more than serving others.

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I am a Wanderer stuck in the middle of the "Bible Belt" full of people who resist anything alternative or metaphysical. They drug the exceptional children and reject everything that doesn't agree with their ideas. What can I do to help them? - Rose Marie

I suspect you speak for a great many of the 70,000,000 Wanderers who are just beginning to awaken. Allow me to present an alternate perspective from which to view what you perceive to be a problem.

You have identified groups of people who have fundamental systems of belief. They use these concepts as the foundation of their civilization, building various institutions to serve their perceived needs. Some might view certain of these institutions as self-serving, inefficient, or restrictive.

However, what is rarely spoken is the interesting fact that all your institutions are merely the collective expression of who you are as individuals. They can only reflect the corruption, bureaucracy and deceit that exists within you. They have no more power than the power you give them. Perhaps you need to wean yourselves from their care and being exercising your own responsibility.

Wanderers never came to Earth to do anything. They came to be. It is nearly impossible to view the tormented destruction of your religious/geopolitical landscape without weeping ?? until you shift the point from which you view and observe a simple, yet previously elusive, fact. The entire universe (including ... especially, including, your planet) is perfect exactly as it is. The only thing in all Creation that needs to change is the point from which you view.

What Earth needs is an awakened Rose Marie. The children are fine. The Bible thumpers are fine. The people who seek the warm security of the herd are fine. Everything is exactly as it needs to be ... simply awaiting your arrival.

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I have had a difficult life, with a succession of challenges that have left me in a weakened condition. Yet, I feel there is something I need to do to help heal the planet. Can you advise me? - Lynda

From the perspective of the higher densities, the most important work you can do is to heal yourself. The greater the quotient of your own awareness, the greater the light and love you shine on others around you. A wounded healer walks the path of unbalanced compassion; loving, but not very wise.

There are many jobs to be done and many paths to take along the way. Only your heart can speak the name of yours. Before going to sleep tonight, take a sip of water from a glass on your night stand and repeat the question you want answered over and over as you fall asleep.

In the morning, you will know.

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I often have experiences in which extraordinary things happen, but time seems to stand still. What does that mean? - Stefan

You ask about the heart of Creation itself. These are the moments in which you pierce the Veil of Forgetting and enter into the void in which everything is ONE and time is irrelevant.


Once you fully appreciate the significance of this statement, you will have unraveled the mystery of the illusion. Enjoy the process of discovery!

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How do I eliminate my doubt? - Anna

What a wonderful question.

One can never eliminate doubt. There are things you believe, things you think and things you know. Doubt can never exist in the presence of knowing. Doubt is what counterbalances belief, arguably the lowest possible form of processing information. When doubt creeps in, welcome it with open arms for it reminds us of how little we really know.

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I'm on my spiritual quest. I wish you could lead me to light. - Suresh

It is impossible to seek the light, just as it is impossible to seek god. For your are the light and your are god... where would you go to look?

So, if you allow me to make the introduction, Suresh, I would like you to meet Suresh. If you would but look into his eyes, there, you will discover all there is.

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I found myself so sure that I'm not from this planet that is wonderful to see there are many others here that know that life is but a dream of God, Maya, as the Hindus say. - Salcastillo

Beyond the dream ...
Beyond the emotion ....
Beyond the identity ...
Lies only perfection.

In turn, that perfection pervades all Creation
- especially this illusion.
It's all a delightful paradox;
A joke we play on ourselves just for the fun of it.
Let the little children and the flowers and playful puppies
Teach you what the mind can never know.
And so we touch. And that is exactly as it is.


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I have my doubts about earthly soulmates and twin flames. If you keep searching, and all the other paraphenelia does not work, is it possible, you have another mission in this life that does not entail a soulmate? - Leona

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities where everything one can imagine ultimately finds expression. This means we each have the opportunity of creating our own reality. The concept of twin flames or soul mates are valid only in the realms of their own existence. If you choose to vibrate within that reality, then the romantic notion that flows from having the perfect "other" is operative.

If you choose a higher vibrational realty — like Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, and many others) then the entire concept of "other" melts in the realization that we are all one. You — the essence of who you really are — exist as an infinite continuum that ranges from the lower aspects of your egoic-self, to your soul-self, reaching all the way to your God-self. If you believe that all you are is the miniscule tip of the iceberg visible above the waterline of this illusion, then it follows that you feel yourself separate from All-That-Is and would seek completion through another that holds your twin or complimentary vibration.

As you move up the continuum of your infinite "I's," you are no longer are subject to the egoic void and your question fades into irrelevance. Keep in mind that virtually no question can be resolved with an "ultimate answer." Everything perceivable within Creation is relative — totally dependent on the point from which it is viewed. Whenever a question arises, it always serves you well to determine which part of your infinite spectrum of being is doing the asking.

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